Internship - the perfect way to get to know your business. As the name suggests, the practices are intended to practically enter the profession. We have developed a special program for people who want to do student practice. The advantage of our practices is that those interested, have a chance to know the specifics of the market.

4LC launches a special program for apprentices, which consists on:

  • establishing the scope of obligations with the apprentice,
  • establishing a work schedule that is flexible and tailored to the expectations of the person concerned so it is ideal for students who can't afford to come to the company all week,
  • after the end of the practice, the employee can count on testimonials, and if we consider that you have the potential, we can also offer you a job on a full-time,
  • practices last up to 3 months with us,
  • we are interested in accepting people's practices up to 26. year of age.

The benefits of 4LC practices are primarily:

  • gaining experience,
  • the opportunity to present himself to the apprentice with the chance of future cooperation.

If you are interested, please contact us now by sending a CV and a cover letter to

necessarily with the note:

 I declare that I have been informed and accept 4LC's privacy policy (which can be found on the website)


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