Road transport

This is still the most popular way of transporting goods covering more than 70% of total freight.

Deliveries by road are the best combination of transit time, equipment availability and price.

4LC offers services of road transportation throughout Europe and with any kind of equipment available on the market which is:

  • tilt and curtin-side trucks (13,6m long) with loading capacity up to 25t,
  • tilt Mega trailers ( up to 3m inside height),
  • tilt trucks with loading capacity between 3,5t and 8t
  • small tilt trucks loading up to 1,5t of the cargo
  • tilt road trains (two-part tilt trucks) – loading up to 38 pallet places,
  • temperature controlled 33 pallet trucks with temeperature range from -20C up to +20C
  • temperature controlled two-part trucks loading more than 33 pallets,
  • temperature controlled trucks with loading capacity between 3,5t and 6t,
  • small temperature controlled trucks loading up to 1,5t of the cargo,
  • open trailers for oversized and heavy cargo.


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